Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique Olympic Sport for girls that combines dance and acrobatics elements into routines choreographed to the music. Participants use hand apparatuses such as Ribbon, Rope, Hoop, Ball and Clubs, which are constantly in motion and synchronized with their body movements.Rhythmic Gymnastics enhances musical abilities of harmony and rhythm, develops poise and grace, improves body coordination and builds strength, flexibility, agility and endurance.

            M&N Rhythmic Academy philosophy is to provide instructions for kids in a fun and friendly environment with encouragement to accomplish their individual goals and inspire each child to pursue their desired level of performance with confidence in their own ability.         

            M&N Rhythmic Academy goal is to develop gymnasts at every level from the very beginning and allow them to establish lifelong patterns of physical activity with valuable concepts as determination, organization, cooperation, commitment, excellence and sportsmanship.  



M&N Rhythmic Academy
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