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                              2013 Rhythmic Open Camp at the National Team Training Center
             Forty gymnasts of all ages and levels participated at the 2013 Rhythmic Open Camp at the National Team Training Center in        Huntsville, Texas. On July 22-27, 2013 four M&N Rhythmic Academy gymnasts : Nina Lozovnoy, Zoe Avila, Katia Rodov and Julia Chen
 with  their coach Milena Sladkov completed their training camp at the National Team Training Center at the Bela Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville,  Texas. The camp focused on body and apparatus technique, ballet, strength, conditioning and  routine preparation for both individual and  group athletes with a staff of US and foreign  guest experts.The training conditions in the new gym were ideal and the environment at the  Ranch fostered an unforgettable experience for gymnastics concentration, inspiration and fun !!!
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                                           NEW ADDITIONAL LOCATION!!!

                                                                    Sullivan Community Center
                                      635 N. Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
  We are very excited to announce our new rhythmic gymnastics classes
                    for kids age 3-6 years-old in Vernon Hills starting in September 2013.
                                                     info:  (847)404-1945
More pictures are here 

                 Congratulations to M&N Rhythmic Academy gymnasts, who earned 39 medals
                      at the Junior Olympics in Orlando ! Great job girls !!!    pictures are here

Updated 05/10/2013


                                               2013 Rhythmic National Qualifier
  May 10-12, 2013 - Deerfield, ILL

                                    Great Job Level 9 performers! Congratulations !!!
                               Joyce Chen on placing 9th all around Level 9 JR-2 division
             Masha Chaadayeva - 7th all around in Level 9 JR-1 division and advancing to Level 10 

                We are so proud of our 2013 Future Stars participants (second row from the left)
                                             Julia ChenAlyza Gurovich and Zoe Avila !!!    



                                                                                                                                                                            Updated 04/28/2013
            Congratulations to our girls-Champions of 2013 Region III Championships !
                     Exceptionally well done job competing at Life Time Fitness Center !!!
                                        More pictures are here, results are here !  

                                               Please, share your pictures with us !  


            Congratulations to our girls-Champions of  2013 Spring Fling International 
April 5-7, Columbus, Ohio, USA !

                       Great job competing individually at Columbus Conventional Center !!!

                                           More pictures are here and you can also check results here.


                                                                                                                                                Updated 04/03/2013

                             Congratulations to our girls-Champions of  2013 Chicago Cup 
 Invitational/IL State Meet ! 

         Excellent job Competing at new Yaga's gym
 and great start for young gymnasts of level 4 !

                                                              More pictures are here and you can also check results here.


                                                                                                    Updated 02/12/2013

       2013 Rhythmic Invitational, Group Championships & Rhythmic Challenge                                                             February 12-17, 2013


                                                                    More pictures are here


Congratulations to our girls - Champions of  2013 Valentine's Invitational and MI State Meet ! 
 Very good job and excellent start for the new  2013 season!!!


Irina Kidek placed 1st all around for level 8 !
Zoe Avila took 1st place in Floor, Clubs and Ball,  2nd all around !
Nina Lozovnoy placed 1st in Ball routine !
Joyce Chen took 2nd place all around in level 9Jr. (out of state competition)!
Masha Chaadayeva took 3nd place all around level 9Jr. (out of state competition)!  

M&N Rhythmic Academy Group took 1st place in Ball routine  and  Floor routine !!!

Congratulations to Hanna Zhang, Elizabeth Dubilirer, Zoe Avila, Masha Florov, Nina Lozovnoy 
and Aline Iliescu !!!  




                                                    Lake County, Wednesday, October 17, 2012  


               USA National Junior Group wins Junior Pan American Championships!!!

CORDOBA, Argentina, September 4, 2012 -- The USA Rhythmic Junior Group won the Junior Pan American Championships this weekend in Cordoba, Argentina.

The U.S. group based out of Minneapolis, MN, at the Twin Cities Rhythmics, won the all-around and both event finals (five ropes and five balls).  They scored a 21.825 for the rope routine and a 22.900 for the ball routine for a combined total of 44.725.

The members include: Kiana Eide of St Francis, MN, Sofia Popova of Minneapolis, MN, Liza Kourdaev of Maple Grove, MN, Nicole Sladkov of Vernon Hills, IL, Tamara Iliyev of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Allyson Roytburd also of Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Brazil finished second with a score of 42.575 and Canada was third with 39.800. 

                                                               CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS !!!


This summer Joyce Chen was proudly selected for National
                       Pre-Squad Camp at Olympic Training Center In Lake Placid !!!

             On July 20-25, 2012 Joyce Chen with her coach Milena Sladkov attended 
            Training Camp at the USA Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid.
            The camp was instructed by world class coach from Belarus - Irina Logunova 
            and Belarus National Team members - Katja Galkina and Arina Sharopa.    
            Gymnasts had great learning experience in learning ballet, body conditioning   
            and apparatus technique.                                                                                                                                                                   
  More pictures are 


  Congratulations to Nicole Sladkov on making USA National Junior Group Team!!!
  Next big step for girls is 2012 Pan American Junior Championships, August 28 to   
  September 2, 2012, Cordoba, Argentina. Good luck, Girls !!!


                                                                                                                                            Updated on 06/18/2012

     Gym Spot Rhythmic made Junior Olympics medals record this time -
                       24 medals came back from Nationals in Orlando!


Level 8
Joyce Chen - 7th place in Hoop (out of 61 top competitors from around the country)
Level 7
Masha Chaadaeva - 3rd place in Hoop, 7th All-around (out of 73 top competitors from around the country)
Group - Intermediate level
Nina, Hannah, Alina, Gabbie, Iryna - 2nd place in Floor, 3rd All-around
Group  - Beginner level
Elizabeth, Natalia, Ekaterina, Masha - 4th place in Ball routine
Girls had a great experience competing on a National level and had so much fun with their families and friends in Disney World!

                                                                                                                                  more pictures are here



                                                        2012 Region 3 Championship

  Congratulations to our girls on excellent performance at 2012 Region 3 Championship!!!
This year was exceptionally successful for our club. 12 of our gymnasts  are going to represent  Region 3 at Junior Olympics Championships in Orlando Florida.
Individual Competition 

1st place -  Joyce Chen for Clubs routine level 8 and 3rd all around     
1st place -  Masha Chaadayeva all around in level 7
1st place -  Zoe Avila AA Level7 ChildB                   
1st place – Nina Lozovnoy AA level7 ChildC
1st place - Irina Kidek in Ball routine Level 7 JrA

1st place – Julia Chen Level 5 Child A all around
1st place – Alyza Gurovich Level 5 Child A in hoop and Ball

Group Competition

1st place – Advance Level Group “The Rythm”(Julia Kornikova, Sofia Sobkiv, Olga Sobkiv, Mira Krugman, Elizabeth Shulman)
1st place - Intermediate Level Group "The Incredibles”(Aline Iliescu, Hannah Zhang, Gabriele Dagan, Nina Lozovnoy, Zoe Avila)
2nd place – Beginner Level Group “Rhythmic Buns”(Natalia Prezeklasa, Ekaterina Rodova, Kate Danilov, Elizabeth Dubilirer)
3rd place – Beginner level Group “Dancing Buns”( Fanny Borukhova, Victoria Urso, Ekaterina Rodova, Kate Danilov)

                                                                                                                                                   Updated on 02/19/2012

                                                                                click here for more pictures

  We are so proud of our Level 7 and 8  girls hard work and beautiful performance at Rhythmic         
  Challenge & Group Championships in Colorado Springs, CO!                             

   Nicole Sladkov - Level 8                  Joyce Chen - Level 8                Masha Chaadayev - Level 7          
   1st place All-around                         8th place in clubs                      8th place in Hoop
   1st Place in Floor routine                10 place All-around                  10th place in Floor
   1st place in Ribbon routine

                                                                                                                                       Updated on 02/11/2012 
    Congratulations to M&N Gymnastics team level girls on excellent start of 

2012 competitive season   !!!   
2-nd Las Vegas International Championship:

Level 8 Nicole Sladkov 1st place all around US, Joyce Chen 4th place all around US,                     Sasha Bogdan 11th place all around US                                                                                                          Level 7:   Masha Chaadayev 6th place all around US, Zoe Avila 2nd place all around Child B        


 Chicagoland 2012:

Level 8 Nicole Sladkov 1st place all around , Joyce Chen 6th place all around

Level 7:   Masha Chaadayev 1st plave all around, Nina Lozovnoy 1st place all around ChC,  Zoe Avila 1st place all around ChB, Irina Kidek 5th place all around JrA, Hannah Zhang   6th   place all around ChC, Olga Sobkiv 6th place all around JrA, Aline Iliescy 14 th place all around

Level 6:  Victoria Urso 2nd place all around ChB, Marie Florov 9th place all around ChC, Natalia  Prezklasa 11th place all around ChC, Ekaterina Rodova 3rd place all around ChB,  Kate Danilov 4th place all around ChB, Fanny Borukhova 9th place all around ChC02, Sofia Bryukhova 5th place all around ChB, Mirielle Krugman 10th place all around JrA                                                                        

Level 5:  Millicent Rehm 2nd place all around ChB04, Anett Vaysberg 3rd place all around ChB04, Aliza Gurovich 1st place all around ChA, Julia Chen 2nd place all around ChA, Linore Greenberg 6th place all around ChB03, Gabriella Barshak 9th place all around ChB03, Rebecca Katsnelson 12th place all around ChC02, Alexsandra Smolyanaya 7th place all around ChB04        

If you have some pictures you would like to share please send them to info@mngymnastics.com              



                                                      More pictures here.

        On July 5-10, 2011 Aleksandra Bogdan and Nicole Sladkov with their coach Milena Sladkov completed their inagural training camp at the National Team Training Center at the Bela Karolyi  Ranch in Huntsville, Texas.

        The Developmental Camp was for 12-13 year-olds from the Pan American Union, including the United States as well as Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia and El Salvador.
The camp focused on body and appartus technique, ballet, strength and conditioning and
routine preparation for both individual and group athletes with a staff of US and foreign guest experts.
         The training conditions in the new gym were ideal and the environment at the Ranch fostered an  unforgettable environment for gymnastics concentration, collaboration, and inspiration.



2011 Annual M&N Gymnastics Kids Show pictures are here !




Congratulations to our 
Level 8 girls :  Nicole SladkovJoyce Chen and Sasha Bogdan - who successfully competed at  2011 Rhythmic Invitational and Group Championships & Challenge at United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado on March 2-6, 2011.
Girls did a great job competing among 41 top USA gymnasts in level 8 !
Results are here
Nicole Sladkov also won National Champion Title with FIG Junior Combo Group in all-around competition (left to right: Nicole Sladkov IL, Ariella Kudishevich MN, Sophia Popova MN, Elizabeth Kourdaev MN, Kiana Eide MN, Kristiana Sklioutovskaya-Lopez WV).



Congratulations to our girls Level 6 - participants of Rhythmic Gold Invitational & Wisconsin State Meet 2011 !!! Good job girls !!! 

Level 6 Child B:
Zoe Avila took 1st place all around !
Level 6 Child C:
Irina Kidek placed 4th all around !
Level 6 Junior A :
Masha Chaadayeva took 1st place all around !
Sidney Brunkow placed 4th all around !
Julia Kornikova took 7th place all around !
Olga Sobkiv placed 8th all around !

Level 6 Junior B
Sofia Sobkiv took 1st place all around !



Congratulations to our girls - participants of  2011 MI State Meet and Valentine Invitational !  Very good job and excellent start for the new  2011 season!!! 

Level 5 Junior A
Elizabeth Shulman placed 1st in ball and 3rd all around !
Level 6 Child B
Nina Lozovnoy took 1st place in all routines and 1st all around !                                          
Zoe Avila shared 1st place in floor, 2nd in hoop and 2nd all around !
Level 6 Child C:
Gabriele Dagan placed 3rd in floor routine and placed 3rd all around !
Hannah Zhang placed 11th all around !
Level 6 Junior A 12:
Masha Chaadayeva took 1st place in floor, rope, hoop and placed 1st all around ! 
Julia Kornikova took 3rd place in floor and placed 7th all around !
Level 6 Junior A 13:
Sidney Brunkow  
took 1st place in rope, hoop, ball and placed 1st all around ! 
Level 6 Child C:
Joyce Chen   took 1st place in clubs, ribbon, 2nd floor, ball and 1st all around ! 
Level 8 Junior A:
Nicole Sladkov  placed 4th all around !
Sasha Bogdan placed 2nd in floor and took 5th all around !


      World Championships, Russia, Moscow, September 19 - 26, 2010  -  top performers
      routines and award ceremony are here: RopeHoopBallRibbonGroups .



          Aleksandra Bogdan attended Pre-Squad Training Camp In Lake Placid !!!

     On September 1-6, 2010 Aleksandra Bogdan with her coach Milena Sladkov attended Training Camp at the USA Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid.
The camp featured Russian coach Oksana Skaldina who was a Bronze Medalist of the Olympics Games in1992 in Barcelona, Spain. Coach Skaldina brought her daughter Dasha who is a top of the Russian Junior National Team to attend the camp.
       It was a great learning experience in ballet, body/apparatus technique, conditioning and a lot of hard work for the gymnasts and coaches !!!

                                                       More pictures are here
  We are very proud of our Level 7 Junior Olympics 2010 competitors!!!  
                    Four of our M&N gymnasts successfully competed on June 23-24 :
                    Aleksandra Bogdan, Diana Olexyn, Joyce Chen and Nicole Sladkov.
                    Nicole Sladkov placed 5th all-around and 4th in hoop routine.
                    Joyce Chen placed 7th all-around and 3rd in rope routine.
                    Aleksandra Bogdan placed 15th all-around and 9th in rope routine.
                    Diana Olexyn placed 28th all-around.

M&N Gymnastics Level 7 girls routines are here and some other performers are here


 Girls from level 5 and 7 also participated in 2010 Chicago Cup as score-runner      volunteers and had an opportunity to meet and signed autographs with Vera Sessina



                                                          See other pictures down below


                 Annual GYM SPOT / M&N Talent Show took place on June 12, 2010
                 Some fragments of the Show  are here  /courtesy of pavels59/


                  Congratulations to our girls on their first National Championship -
                                                    Junior Olympics 2010 !    

Level 5:
Masha Chaadayev placed 1st in Ball routine, 2nd in Floor, 5th in Hoop, and 5th All-around !
Nina Lozovnoy took 9th place in Hoop and 10th in Floor !
Gabriele Dagan placed 7th in Hoop and 15th All-around !
Zoe Avila took 2nd place All-around and placed 2nd in each individual event !
Julia Kornikova placed 17th All-around !
Level 6:
Sidney Brunkow took 9th place in Floor and 17th All-around !
Results for J.O. Compulsory Championships Level 5 and Level 6  are here.

  World Championships, France, Corbeil-Esson, May 9-11, 2010 top performers
 routines and award ceremony are here.


All 11 M&N Gymnastics girls - participants of Region 3 Championship in Minnesota
Congratulations  to Masha, Nina, Zoe, Julia, Irina, Gabriele, Sidney, Sasha, Diana, Joyce and Nicole!

Masha Chaadayev took 1st place all-around in Level 5 !  

Nicole Sladkov took 1st place all-around in Level 7 ! 


2010 Region 3 Champiponship
schedule is here.

Have a safe trip and good luck to everyone in Minnesota!

2010 Spring Fling Rhythmic Invitational results are here.

Congratulations to Level 5 Zoe Avila, Masha Chaadayev, Julia Kornikova, Gabriele Dagan, Nina Lozovnoy,
Level 6 Sidney Brunkow, and Level 7 Aleksandra Bogdan, Diana Olexyn, Joyce Chen and Nicole Sladkov !
Level 7 Team placed 1-st All-around   and Level 5  Team 2-d All-around !
Great job everyone!!!