Recreational/Developmental Program

3-5 Years Old - Preschool

45 min-60min classes incorporate creative dance, tumbling, basic movements, running, jumping, balancing and stretching. These activities are used to enhance hand/eye coordination and flexibility. It gives the little ones a weekly chance to learn about social skills like  listening, following directions, respecting others, sharing, taking turns, and a lot more.

5 Years Old and up - Beginners/advanced beginners

60 min classes designed for beginners in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Students improve their balance, gracefulness, strength and self-confidence.
Advanced students will enjoy perfecting their routines and combinations in a non-competitive atmosphere. Whether for pure recreation or Olympic qualification, Rhythmic Gymnastics is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. It helps to establish habits of fitness that is rewarding  physically and mentally for the rest of life.

This class meets 2-3 hours/week and is offered to girls when they reach certain body flexibility and strength. It is a transitional level between the recreational and training program. It includes an intermediate level of stretching, basic tumbling and basic rhythmic equipment technique.  As students progress, they will concentrate on developing their endurance, agility, manual dexterity, overall conditioning and discipline.

Ballet lessons

The ability to make a good artistic impression is one of the
important attributes gymnasts must acquire. Having a ballet
program is a part of the process of a gymnast’s overall preparation.
Ballet lessons cover not only classical movements but also
elements of free expressive dance. To ensure that movements are
beautiful, light, graceful, and expressive, it is necessary to borrow
many exercises from classical ballet dance. Pointed toes,
straightened knees, clean body lines, the ability to maintain static
and dynamic balances and relationship between body movements
and the music -  these drills teach a gymnast to coordinate her
movements as well as develop her feeling of harmony and sense
of shape. Perfect movements also help elicit the desired emotions from spectators and judges.

Private and Semiprivate lessons (age 5 and up)

Gymnastics or Ballet private and semiprivate lessons are available upon request.

Training/Competitive Program (includes Ballet lesson for Levels 4-10)

M&N Rhythmic Academy provides training for all competitive levels from
beginner to Olympic status.

Level 3 (4 hours/week) - is the first “evaluation” stage in an
athlete’s competitive  development.  The goals of the Level 3
program are to focus attention on skill development not the
score. Gymnasts compete with floor and apparatus routines,
which are compulsory by club. Up to 4 gymnasts compete on
 the floor at the same  time from the same club.

Level 4 (4 hours/week) - is for the gymnast who can successfully perform the skills and routines from Level 3. Gymnasts compete Floor and apparatus routines, which are compulsory by club. Up to two gymnasts from the same club will compete at the same time.

Level 5 (5-6hours/week) - is for the gymnast who can successfully perform the skills from Level 4. The Floor and 3 apparatus routines are optional. Gymnasts will compete one at a time.

Level 6 (6-7hours/week) -  is for the gymnast who can successfully perform the skills from  Level 5. They compete optional Floor and 3 other optional apparatus routines. Gymnasts compete one at a time.

Level 7 & 8 (10-12hours/week) - optional program is designed to prepare gymnasts for the advanced skills of the FIG program. They compete in Floor and three other optional apparatus routines.

Level 9 (12-16 hours/week) - is for the accomplished rhythmic gymnast who has demonstrated that she can perform basic FIG requirements and is ready for the challenge of full FIG optional routine requirements.

Level 10 (12-16hours/week) - is the level for those gymnasts who qualify to the USA
National Championships.
   1. Any senior that attains a Level 10 status will remain a Level 10 regardless of their
        qualification to National Championships each following year.
   2. A Level 10 senior will be eligible to enter the National Qualifier each year once they
        attain this status.

     The top 12 athletes (junior and senior) in the All-Around competition at USA National Championships
      earn Elite status.

Private and semiprivate lessons - available upon request.      


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